Ok, since I have officially posted a few recipes by now, I GUESS I should replace the generic info on this page! Hello! If you are here, chances are that you already KNOW me! 🙂 But if you don’t, in the kitchen I am known as “rough chop.” I do things like chop onions a little too roughly, resist measuring flour at every turn and cause my husband to gasp at my brazen splashing in of dressing before mixing its ingredients separately. But you know what? It usually turns out alright…at least, all the recipes YOU’LL be seeing do. We don’t talk about the other ones. Not EVER. Shh.

I guess you could say my focuses, besides resisting cooking traditions, are fresh, simple ingredients and putting the power back into the kitchen instead of the supermarket. Not only will taking a little extra time (I’m not talking much extra, mind you, I’m a big fan of efficiency myself) improve the flavor and nutrition of your food, but it will also save you from having to stare at the back of a can for ten minutes wondering what the h*** high fructose corn syrup is doing in your soup and why there are so many three syllable words that you can’t pronounce!

So, I’m all about empowering the individuals in the kitchens to take a few extra minutes to show your body that you care by giving it good food!!

Thanks for checking it out, and let me know how your stuff turns out! Happy and nutritious eating!!


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