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Cauliflower, a vegetable cinderella story…

Once upon a time there was a sad little bunch of florets. Overcooked and generally doused in a heavy cheese sauce, it’s true inner beauty and flavor went unappreciated by those around it. Until one day, a recipe came along … Continue reading

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Tomato-Lentil Love…or Fireworks of Deliciousness?

So, I used to be that girl who resisted lentils based solely on my dad’s attempts to get me to eat split-pea soup as a child. I now know two things: that split peas and lentils are NOT the same … Continue reading

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Beans, beans the magical fruit…

Beans of every color! Let me start with a quick revision of the popular bean-song: (feel free to sing along!) “Beans, beans the magical fruit, if you soak them properly, then you won’t toot! But your body will thank you … Continue reading

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Delicious and Simple Roasted Tomato soup

Yummy, homemade roasted tomato soup demystified! Tomato soup, for me, has always been a mysterious concoction, usually via a can and with a list of ingredients it would take a day and half to read and longer to learn how … Continue reading

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